13 hygiene things we learnt to do wrong

13 hygiene things we learnt to do wrong

BrightSide never fails to amaze us with the most fascinating and captivating videos. We all know how proper sanitation and cleanliness is essential for us. No matter what age or gender, we need to stay neat and hygienic. As kids our parents tell us what to do and what not to do to maintain our health by maintaining the business we do in the bathroom or restroom, from washing our hands to showering, we think we know if all. However, BrightSide proves otherwise. In this video, they tell us some eye-opening facts about how we had it wrong our whole life. Here are some of the things we have been doing incorrectly in the bathroom:

Washing the toothbrush:
Your toothbrush is home to an endless number of bacterias. Cleaning it properly after each use and keeping it in suitable storage is very important. Otherwise, the bacteria increases and can cause lots of diseases. It is also preferred to change the brush every three months.

A loofah may feel like it is cleaning your skin, whereas it's not. As you scrub your body, your dead skin cells get stuck in the loofah. They immediately start building up mould and bacteria. It is better to wash it with boiling water and then to dry it thoroughly. Also, change it every three weeks.

When we talk about the loofah, exfoliating comes along. You should not use scrubs and exfoliators often. It can be done max once a week! If you do it daily, it will mess up your skins PH levels and remove the good oils that keep your skin fresh.

These are just a few tips at hand! There are many more such as flushing the toilet with the lie closed and how to keep the bathroom cleaning brush bacteria-free! All these things are better for you to remember and apply.

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