Don't Charge Your Phone to 100%, Here's Why

Don't Charge Your Phone to 100%, Here's Why

3 Top Tips That Help Your Cellphone In Staying Healthy! The cellphone is presently the most used gadget. I’m sure you may not get surprised by it, right? Cellphones are the enchanted devices, they can do anything at any time you need. Nonetheless, don’t you speculate you should take care of them too? Learn how can you save the battery and keep your cellphone happy and lively for more years.

It has been seen that after a while your battery age doesn’t last long, your devices may start getting hot, may buffer a lot, and might take a long while to open up. Does this happen with you too? Umm, you might have been mistreating your buddy and you don’t even know. Check out the 03 most common mistakes you might be doing.

1. Figure out when to stop updating:
Well, who does not like updated software? Almost all, but does your cellphone likes it too?. Your phone will always get a notification of an update but sometimes it’s not for your cellphone, because if your software is of an older version and getting updated often. This might result in two things one is, it eats up your space and second, your system will get slower.

2. Don’t charge overnight, I repeat:
Yes, I do repeat. This is the most common mistake we do. We leave our phones to charge overnight and get up happy that it’s 100% and you can enjoy all day. Regardless, it’s where you lacked!
Let’s say your cellphone gets charged in 90 minutes and you’ve kept it there for 250 minutes, what’d be the result? The battery starts getting hotter and bulges, which later results in the battery draining.

3. Don’t use while charging:
This must be the hardest advice to work on. Because you simply can’t resist using a cellphone, isn’t it? But if you want your companion ‘the cellphone’ to stay forever with you then DON’T USE IT WHILE CHARGING! Here’s why, when your cellphone is charging it’s nap time, and its focus is on the goal. But, if you constantly using a cellphone and at the same time it’s trying to increase the battery then here is the conflict between operations, which results in the battery draining.

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