What made the indestructible Titanic sank?

What made the indestructible Titanic sank?

Who does not know about Titanic and its tragic catastrophe? One thing is certain that it was not just the iceberg that the made gigantic, big, and indestructible Titanic sank. The Titanic was 882.9 feet long, 92 feet wide, 175 feet tall, and has a useable volume of 46,328 tones, with all such peculiarities, it is clear that the Titanic was indestructible. But still, it got destructed wondering how? Here, is the reason which would let you eat your nails and leave in you in umbrage that just because a few things, over 1500 peoples died.

Adequately, the new findings gave us the real cause behind the Titanic catastrophe and it is the FIRE, do not read again, you read it correctly! Yes, it is the fire and not the iceberg (individually) which smashed the Titanic and took lives of over 1500 peoples. The journalist Senan Molony has been studying Titanic for over 30 years and his efforts finally become fruitful and he discovered a big black spot at the bottom of Titanic. That big black spot was due to the fire which somehow leaked from the bottom and was burning the lower metal of the deck for about 03 weeks. Unfortunately, the iceberg hit right there which was already weak and then it results in the biggest catastrophe of all times.

Later on, he unveiled another disturbing fact that the management was aware of the fire but still they approved Titanic to be on board because there was a strike and all tickets were sold out. There was no way, so they decided to risk thousands of people, out of which, many never returned home.

Whether it was an iceberg, fire, or the poor-management which made the Titanic sank, poor people paid for the cause BY THEIR DEATHS!

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