Don't Do These to Your Dog, You're Hurting It!

Don't Do These to Your Dog, You're Hurting It!

Your fur buddy loves you and I’m sure you love it too. Dogs are man’s best friend after all and will remain loyal for as long as they live.
In trying to care for our dogs, certain things we do - for and to them might be hurting them without our knowledge.
To help you make the best and healthy decisions regarding your fur best friend, don't do these to your dog(s) if you don't want to hurt them.

Choosing a Random Collar without Considering Your Dog
There are several types of dog collars including flat collars, breakaway collars, and special dog training collars. It’s best to consider the type of dog you have before buying a collar.
Special dog training collars for instance are designed for behavioral training while breakaway collars are designed for young and inquisitive pups.
Also, be sure you go for a collar that’s the perfect size for your dog. A small collar can choke your dog while an overly large collar can be easy to escape from.

Leaving Your Dog Unsecured in the Car
Just like infants, dogs should be secured in the car while you’re on the move. Leaving your dog unsecured in the car can in the case of an accident, result in them having severe injuries or in worse case scenarios - death.
For their maximum safety while on the move, you have different options at your disposal. From harness car seats to various carrier options and even zip-line harnesses, the options are numerous.

Leaving Harmful Objects Lying Around
Dogs like infants are carefree and will play with just about anything they come in contact with. So, always dog-proof your house by removing any harmful thing your dog can either play with or swallow.
Remove everything that can potentially cause an unplanned visit to the ve, from socks (which seems to be their favorite toy) to medications, batteries, nails, etc.

Ignoring Breed-Specific Health Issues
Probably the most important and often ignored dog care factor. Certain dog breeds require specific grooming or are likely to suffer from specific health issues.
Before you decide on a dog, make sure you consider this and keep in mind any special needs it will require, and be ready to go the distance for it.

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