Incredible Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attacks

Incredible Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attacks

It’s on record that snakes kill more than 100,000 people annually and crocodiles kill 1,000 people in the same time frame.
Elephants, hippopotamuses, and wolves account for about half the number of deaths annually. These scary statistics mean anyone can be at the mercy of these wild animals but here are tips to survive an attack from these wild animals.

Out of the 150 species of sharks in the world, only 20 hunt humans. However, if you are in a large water body, avoid getting blood or urine into the water.
When tracked by a shark, don't turn your back to escape. Face the animal and retreat gently. When cornered, go for its gills and eyes.

When you encounter a Lion, don't panic. Maintain eye contact, raise your jacket in your hands to look bigger, make loud confident sounds, and gesticulate.
Then slowly back away. It will perceive you as irritating and will stay away from you.

Elephants are mostly friendly but when they consider you a threat to their young (especially female mothers), they become defensive. When the elephant's trunk is curled inwards and its ears pulled back, it is ready to attack.
The sensible action is to find a barrier between yourself and the animal and hide there.

Rhinos have bad eyesight and one can’t outrun them. Hiding behind a tree or running into the thick bushes is a sure way of getting away from them.

Hippos are heavy but fast runners. The best way to get away from them is to climb a hill or tree and wait till they go away.

Bulls react to movement and not the red-color as we were made to believe. Once a bull charges after you, stay still, and when it gets close, throw an object like a cap or cloth far away from you as possible. It will change direction and charge after the thrown object.

Most snakes aren't all dangerous. People get bitten for trying to catch them. However, if you notice a snake lurking in the shadows and following you, stomp your feet. It will confuse the animal.

These are proud territorial animals that don’t harm the obedient. Sit on the floor so you don’t tower over the animal, avoid eye contact too.
Curl into a ball and play dead and this jungle king might just consider you as a non-threat.

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