The Simpsons Keep Predicting the Future - See New Predictions

The Simpsons Keep Predicting the Future - See New Predictions

Okay! It seems we just might believe that Matt Groening and the folks at The Simpsons are real-time travelers. How else do we explain some of the 'predictions' aired years earlier in the Simpsons which are happening as broadcasted in the yellow-faced cartoon show?
The Simpsons which is the longest-running cartoon show has made several accurate predictions over the years making conspiracy theorists tag them as members of the Illuminati.
Well, here are some of the ‘calls’ made in the Simpsons which have already happened. Decide for yourself what you can make of these predictions.

Simpsons 2007 Prediction – NSA spying on us
The Simpsons insinuated that the government could be spying on us in the 2007 movie where Springfield is quarantined – being the Simpsons, and not having it, they escape.
With Marge warning that ‘anyone could be listening to their conversation’, the bus driver’s eyes lit up and a building with “National Security Agency” is shown.
It wasn’t until 2013 that Edward Snowden came out to tell the world that indeed the NSA does tap into our conversations.

Simpsons 2000 Prediction – Trump Wins U.S Election
In the Simpsons aired in 2000, Lisa was the sitting US president and talked about her predecessor – Donald Trump – leaving America in hefty debt. The episode according to the creators was supposed to be a warning to Americans about the repercussions of voting for Trump.

Simpsons 1998 Prediction – Homer Figures Out Higgs Boson (God Particle)
So, Peter Higgs first predicted the God particle which is now named after him. But it wasn’t confirmed until some 50 years later and maybe Homer Simpsons is to thank for it.
In a 1998 episode, Homer is seen drawing a formula on the chalkboard in his persona for the episode – an inventor! Dr. Simon Singh confirmed that the equation 'predicts the mass of the god particle (Higgs boson)'.
So, 14 years before scientists figured it out, dullard Homer already did. Talk about being incredulous.

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