These Amazing Phone Functions Are Hidden in Plain Sight!

These Amazing Phone Functions Are Hidden in Plain Sight!

By pressing a combination of phone buttons, you can do amazing things with your mobile device. Although it's on our smartphones, it isn’t common knowledge and most people don’t know about it.
However, today, you can learn some of those amazing phone functions that have been hidden right in front of you.

Getting your IMEI
Your IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identification number is very important in case you lose your device. If you don’t know how to get this number, using the code *#06# is a fast way to get this number and save it somewhere until the need arises.

Number Identification
With the code *#30#, you can toggle your number identification on or off. You can toggle off in case you want to go incognito for a while and toggle on as you deem fit.
However, you must be using an iPhone for this to work.

Statistics/Secret Menu of Your Phone
Using the code *#*#4636#*#* is a fast way of opening your phone’s secret menu. Depending on the phone (an Android for example), this menu includes your WiFi strength, battery health, and level as well as CPU usage. There’s more to be seen in the menu by people who use Motorola phones.

No Outgoing Calls
This code works for only iPhone users. Barring all outgoing calls can help your sanity for a while and with this code *33*#, you can bar all outgoing calls. You can turn this function off anytime by dialing*33*PIN#.

Factory Settings
You can wipe off your phone’s memory and take it back to factory settings by quick dialing *#*#7780#*#*. This deletes everything from your phone and returns it to factory settings so you must be sure before doing this irreversible action.

Whole Reinstallation
Want to change the whole settings of your phone? You can do a reinstallation by dialing *2767*3855#. There is no going back with this action so you have to be sure before you proceed.

Enhanced Communication
This code*3370#works for only iPhone users and it turns on the EFR for enhanced communication. However, your battery is bound to drain out faster than usual hence you can revert this function by dialingthe above code.

Listening to Yourself
You can listen to your last 20 phonecalls if you want to remind yourself of something or just want to have fun listening to your funny voice over the phone. Just dial *#*#8351#*#* this function is for Android users.

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