Amazing Life Hacks That Can Help You Survive

Amazing Life Hacks That Can Help You Survive

Many emergency situations result in several myths being debunked. You know, those things your friends/family have always told you work. Like applying ice to a bruise, which doesn’t really work and might pose a problem instead.
Anyway, since you're here looking for what works, these are amazing life hacks that actually work and can help you or someone else survive.

1. Removing Foreign Object In The Eye
When something like a glass gets into your eye, call a healthcare facility, or have someone drive you to the hospital.
If it's an eyelash, clean your hands, look in the mirror to locate the eyelash, continually blink your eyes so that tears can move the object to the corner of your eye. Then using a wet, clean cloth, remove the eyelash from your eye.

2. Drink Lots of Water and Non-alcohol Beverages to Reduce Fever
Alcohol and vinegar are a NO for fever patients as they can cause acidity when absorbed into the blood.
Instead, you can raise the room temperature to 18⁰C, and make sure to drink lots of water, tea, and other non-alcoholic beverages. If you don’t get better, then it’s time to consult a doctor.

3. Lift The Legs of an Unconscious Person
Unlike the popular opinion that lifting an unconscious person helps them regain consciousness, you want to avoid doing that so as not to aggravate the spasm.
Instead, lift their leg and unbutton any tight clothing they have on. When they are up, don't let them have coffee or caffeine-containing energy drinks as these might cause dehydration.

4. Don't Set a Fractured or Dislocated Bone on Your Own
Except you’re a professional trauma surgeon, you must never set a dislocated or fractured bone on your own. Real-life isn't movies, and you can actually complicate things and get more injuries.
The best thing to do is immobilize the fractured or dislocated bone and the nearest joints using a bandage and then go to the hospital for professional help.

5. Make Use of Skin Glue to Close Wounds
Although stitches are the generally used closure method, they are a long and painful process – both the stitching and removal.
If you’re looking for a painless alternative, then consider using skin glue. It works fast and doesn’t require removal.
All you need to do is apply the skin glue after rinsing the wound with cold water. However, if the wound is too big, consult a professional.

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